Your ideas are the gateway to change, new products, new services, more income, better health, improved relationships and ultimately a better life.  It depends on what types of ideas we are talking about.  But all things are started with an idea and nothing happens differently if you don’t take action.  In the 31 day Challenge, on day 10 I talk about the 3 main reasons that people don’t act on their ideas.  People are waiting on the right time to act.

Researching and arming yourself with knowledge is smart and necessary.  But if you are like me, you have a tendency to want to learn more and more and more.  Well there could be many reasons behind why people procrastinate.  One is the fear of failure.  This post is about why it is important to be action biased and here are some reasons why

  • There will never be the perfect time
  • You will never know everything
  • Other people will also get the idea and act on it
  • The opportunity could past
  • You could be losing out on a lot of money
  • You will regret it for the rest of your life if you don’t

How many times have you thought about something.  Didn’t see anything related to the idea anywhere for a while.  Then all of a sudden you see it.  Then you see it more and more.  Someone has actually figured out a way to make money with the idea that you had.  You may or may not have seen this happen but most people have seen something similar happen.  First you have to actually see life in a way that you naturally seek to help people and see problems as opportunity.  The result is that ideas are always coming to you as you go through life.

That is how software is created, why books are written, websites made, etc.

So even with little things, take action in some way on your ideas.   Whether it is to start a business, change a habit, create a website, write a book or anything else.

Start with step 1 research to get more insight.  Maybe you need to do some polling or asking questions along with online investigation.  Taking action on that step will help you to form a more firm idea of how to proceed.  Let me know in the comments if there has been something that you been procrastinating on and why?


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