What is Visualization?

Visualization is a commonly used term and concept these days with regards to success and achieving goals. So what is visualization? Visualization is “seeing something in our mind’s eye.” The term seems to be challenging for some and the activity seems challenging to others.  It is easy to say that anything that is physical is visualized and that process of seeing it is visualization.  Well…OK.  We are not talking about that.  We are talking about being creative and imaginative.  You could visualize something that you’ve never seen in order to help ‘manifest’ it or make it come true.

For example, you see yourself in the house of your dreams.  That is a major goal for you.  Maybe that’s what you want before you start looking for a spouse or having kids with the spouse that you have.  If you can create a detailed image of that house and you in it including the colors, furniture, layout and even the smell inside and how the furniture feels, it will be very motivating and helps you to zone in a specific goal.

10 Steps to Visualization

  1. Write down what you want
  2. Search for images that represent what you want. A Google Search will do
  3. Imagine yourself achieving the goal. Create the scene in your mind.
  4. Use your 5 senses to engage the goal. Hear, see, smell, taste what it is like.
  5. Think of how you will feel having achieved your goals. Who do you become from achieving your goal? How does it affect others around you?
  6. Take actions that will bring you closer to your goal. Research information if needed.
  7. Belief that the goal is achieved and simply must be expressed or brought to your life. Be grateful for knowing that you know what you know.
  8. Eliminate negative people from your circle.
  9. Spend time in positive environments and around supportive people
  10. Visualize having accomplished your goal each morning just after waking before opening your eyes and while lying prior to falling asleep. Feel gratitude for achieving the goals you are imagining.

Tools that could help you with the process of visualizing

  • Learn meditation techniques.
  • Indulge in motivational and inspiration material.
  • Write down a list of activities that are in line with your goals.
  • Research information related to what you want.
  • Use binaural beats to help you relax and get in alpha state.
  • Use vision boards as visual aids.

Visualization Toolkit

Here is a visualization Tool kit that provides some very useful techniques for helping a person with the process.  It includes

  • Binaural beats
  • Motion video
  • Subliminal messages
  • Meditative audio

Visualization Toolkit


Visualization toolkit image

How Visualization Worked For Me

This very blog and concept of creating a course for designing lives started with an idea. The first idea though wasn’t even a course, it was a group of people doing workshops.  I formed a group and only met 1 before I knew I wanted to take it to the next level of reaching beyond my community.  It was fuzzy but I could see it forming.

So I researched ways to deliver the content.  Found platforms and ways to market it.  I began getting a more detailed image of where I was going.  Then I started with the put the 10 steps to work.  I realized there was a process that I used over and over again to put things together.

I wrote my first book like this.  I created a website for people interested in becoming a trucker.  I recorded a Motivational CD.  I started a Ping Pong group.  All of this stuff started with a vague and general idea of what I wanted to do.  It took meditation and working with the vision then working through those steps to building a fine tune scene of what I wanted to accomplished and seeing it finished.

Now here is the thing that I learned as well.  It’s OK if what you envision at first changes.  It’s OK to shift directions.  As a matter of fact likely you will make some type of change.  Don’t feel like you have to stick with the original goal.  In fact when you think about how what you want to do will impact other people, and how it will make you feel, it might not line up with what you thought that original goal required.

So the whole process not only helps you to create what you think you want, it helps you really analyze your thoughts to make sure what you think you want and what end up with are the same things.  Give you an example, some people think they want to be rich.  They really want to be rich because the plans they have for the money.  Maybe a special plan like providing for blind people or something.

If you determine that you really want to provide for blind people, it may be ways to do that right now, which will help you earn the money.  You are doing what you want to do and you earn income doing it.

I want to increase people’s exposure to personal development and success thinking.  I originally thought it had to be a physical school.  I wanted money to buildings and a program.   I realized that I really want to help people not build a physical school.  So I am doing this, eventually I will make money.  I will still build a school but for now, I am already serving my purpose of increasing the awareness success thinking and personal development.

This blog is only the beginning stages of a much bigger goal.  Make sure you stick around to see the complete course when I finish it!



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