We know intellectually that health is important.  However, most people don’t really break down what that means.  Or, they don’t take seriously what is required to achieve it.  Pizza was my favorite but spaghetti was my best friend.  I read where people try to say pizza is healthy.  In my book, that is a stretch.  I digress… this post isn’t about pizza.  But I will say, I haven’t eat it in about 3 months and no spaghetti in about a year or more.

I remember being someone who once ate as fast as possible to get it over with.  The largest bowl of spaghetti with major meatballs was what I ate for breakfasts.  Portion?  As much as I could hold!  I wanted to put off having to eat again for as long as I could.  I know, sounds funny in a world where most people love to eat, lol.    I used to feel like it was just a waste of time.  Until one day, I was rushed to the hospital for……..(wait for it….)


Yeah, it was embarrassing.  I was lying on the floor holding my chest like I was having a heart attack.  Never knew heartburn could feel like that.  It was good it happened though.  I found out that I had high blood pressure and high cholesterol as well.  As much as I don’t want to admit it, it was also when I came to terms with the fact that I was overweight by 50lbs.

The Dr. wanted me to take medication to lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol.  I asked why she didn’t suggest a change in diet.  I was just bright enough to know that changing what I ate should make a difference.  But not exactly what extent or what specifically I should eat in order to get to normal. I say that term very mindfully.  “Get to normal….”  I want to you let it sink in your head that it is normal for us to be healthy, abnormal for us not to be….

She belittled the idea that a change in diet would be effective by saying, “Yes that could help out but at this point, we want to get your numbers down as soon as possible.”  I said, “So you are saying even a dramatic change in my diet won’t make a difference quick enough?”  She held her ground.  I just said OK.”  I got the medicine as a souvenir.  Because at that moment, I had decided to research and correct my health without medicine and I would tell other people about it.

Before I get to the end of that story, this is one reason why I took it so serious.  At the time I was struggling financially and working hard to save my pennies.  I realized that it was pointless to have great work ethic and plans to get back on my feet and put away money only to end up later in poor health.  In fact, it was beyond counter productive, to me it felt stupid.  So there was no question of whether or not I was going to make a change.  I made of up mind, that I was committed to change and it would happen.  Period.

So I changed my health starting with my diet.  I was extreme. Not long after, I was homeless.  But that is another story.  I mention that here because the excuse of many is that it costs more to eat healthy.  That is an excuse for not wanting to change what you are eating for most people.  I found that it was cheaper to eat healthier than I was eating.  Tuna.  Canned fruit with no sugar. Canned beans and veggies.  Bran Cereal  I digress…..

Not long after that I got a job trucking and could add more flavor to my menu.

Oatmeal! So now all together I was eating Fiber One Cereal, pineapples, bananas.  I used garlic and olive oil, and vinegar in my tuna.  I used cinnamon and coconut oil, peanut butter and bananas in my oatmeal.

Coconut is a medium chain saturated fat.  It easily and quickly converts into energy instead of being stored int he body as fat.  There is a lot of benefits that it provides behind the scenes that makes it a superfood.  You can learn more about the power of coconut oil here.

I ate 5 – 7  times day.  Then I had learned that eating smaller portions more often helped keep your metabolism up and was supposed to help loose quicker.  Plus it allowed your stomach to shrink.  Recently however, I learned that eating more times a day does not actually give that much more health benefit.  In fact fasting several times a week for 16 – 18 hours is much more healthier than not allowing yourself to get hungry.

Anyway, I got very little exercise to lose the first 35 lbs.  Only intentionally taking the steps instead of elevators and parking further away from the truck stop.   Then the weight started dropping more slowly so I started to do more exercising.  Pushups, sit ups, squats and leg lifts were my main repertoire.  Nothing intense.

So while driving over the road, I lost 50 lbs, lower my blood pressure and cholesterol to normal.  Most drivers will tell you that trucking makes you gain weight.  The reality is our choices makes us gain or lose weight.  Unless you have a medical condition that causes it.  (And I am not talking about obesity.)  When it comes to designing a life, it is important to take responsibility for things that we can control.

The tendency is to look for something or someone to blame instead of figuring out what we can do differently.  The biggest problem is that often we don’t even realize that we are doing it.  It is done robotically.  A bad habit that we develop from lack of instruction at an early age.  But we resistance to change anyway so it is easy to remain in denial and attribute the situation to something else outside of ourselves.

But guess what, once we realize this, and we realize that we can do things different, and we are WILLING to do them, we are in the driver’s seat to creating our lives.  We can take then decided on the destination for our journey.  We can set goals, and we can figure out how to reach them.   I will share with you a lot of the stuff that I learned about getting healthy and other life lessons in Life Academy.  Not just from my own experiences but those of others and from resources that I have gorged upon.

I encourage you to share the information here.  Not only that.  Be a light to other people in your circle.  When you have insight or information that could help them become a better version of themselves, I encourage you to share your insight and release positive energy into the universe.

I digress…..

Back to health for this post.

I have had normal blood pressure and cholesterol and stable weight for more than 10 yrs now.

For people who really want or need a dramatic change in their weight and health though there are 2 terms that you should be aware of…

  • For loosing weight Intermittent Fasting – As mentioned before, you go 16 – 18 hrs without eating in a 24 hr period.
  • For getting in shape which will likely great improve your health and correct a lot of health conditions High Intensity Interval Training

Also called HIIT.  Exercising in that way can be done 30 minutes per day 5 days a week and put you in better shape and health then spending hours.  Scientifically proven.  However, weight training does provide additional benefits, especially if you are aging.

So my point there is that continuous learning is important.  As society, technology and people change, reality changes.  What once was true will not always be true.   If we don’t keep up we fall behind.  But don’t worry, I will be giving you some short cuts to information and resources if you haven’t been keeping up.  That is kind of what this website is for.

Some of the links will be affiliate links and I get compensated but I looked for resources that were related to the information that I wanted to share.  The links don’t take away from the information.  They are additional resources.  Hopefully, they will eventually help me to create a more sophisticated learning experience.

In any case, you can google the same information to avoid using the affiliate link if you have a problem with me being compensated for sharing information with you.  As long as you get the knowledge and began applying it.  I am happy.  I believe in abundance.  We will talk about that later.  Scarcity vs Abundance Mentality. 


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