Many of people are juggling bills right now.  Or at least, those are the people I am most concerned about for the purpose of this website.  If your money is long or you are already strong in financial literacy.  I have some excellent recommendations for you in case you haven’t been made aware of them.  Tony Robbins’s book, “Money:  Master the Game” is a must read for you.  (Everyone should read.)

Another great resource for all people especially those closure to the struggle and in the struggle is Dave Ramsey’s “Total Money Make Over”  In many towns across America and even other countries, churches and other groups have meetings and training for his Financial Peace Workshop.  This is especially good for marriage couples where one is not on page with the other about financial responsibility.

Financial Freedom Tips For the Rest of Us

  • Direct deposit your money into the bank account
  • Have separate accounts for goals (bills, savings, investment, project)
  • Write down what you spend each day for a month
  • Cut out 8O% of the wasteful activities until you reach goals
  • Make a budget (If you have Word, there is a template)
  • Make goals of how much you will save each week that you can commit to
  • Don’t buy unnecessary stuff.
    (Be mindful of why you are buying. Think about it.)
  • Plan in advance for all purchases if possible and pay in cash
  • Do price comparisons online and check reviews
  • Wait a week before making questionable purchase
  • Consider using the internet to make additional income
  • Learn additional skills that are universal
  • Improve your ability to communicate
  • Pay attention to problems while taking into account your skill