Today we can look around in society and see there is drama at every turn. That drama is often the result of a communication failure, misunderstanding or even sometimes intentional diss by one party or another. No matter the cause, usually the drama after the could have been avoided with better conflict resolution skills.  (Coping skills for dealing with stress would help too but that is a different post)

Often we can look back on the drama that we find ourselves in and regret our own actions at an earlier stage. If we wanted to, we could think of better ways that we might have responded in order to improve the situation instead of provoking an escalation the sometimes producing an outcome that could never have been imagined or at least one less than desired.

So what we can do today, is decide that when we encounter the situations that might test us how we are going to handle it from a higher level of consciousness. How can we deal with it from a foundation of love with a desire for peace, understanding or permanent resolution? How can we respond in a way that is in line with the big picture of what we want for our lives?

So when someone…

  • disrespects you
  • lies on you
  • takes advantage of you
  • cheats on you
  • cuts in front of you in traffic
  • gossips about you
  • divulges of your secret
  • etc

…decide how you’re going to respond in a way that causes them to reflect on their actions and feel remorse but not give them an excuse to put a wall up and feel justified or worse, retaliate and escalate things even further.  I mean I get it.  You might say, someone who lies on you deserves _________.  And it will feel good at the moment.  Even be justified.  But if it lands you in jail, hospital or even an ongoing battle, does it really serve you beyond the immediate gratification?

Do you really want a war with words or worse violence that goes on and on and on and on ……

Do you really want the drama and negativity that comes from lowering yourself to the same level of ignorance, disrespect or childishness that started the ball to rolling? I doubt you do.

Where/when might we encounter these temptations to react with low level thought?

  • Debates of all kinds
  • Social injustice
  • Rush hour driving
  • Social media comments
  • Work gossip rumors
  • Family conflict
  • Co-worker conversations
  • Sports parties
  • Relationships disagreements
  • Child/Parent conflict
  • Community organization
  • Race relations
  • Equality/Inequality disputes of all kinds
  • Talking politics
  • Team building
  • Managing people
  • Group meetings
  • Choir rehearsal

So as you can see we have many opportunities to work on our conflict resolution skills. Doing so will make you a winner.  You will be able to get along better with people whether that is in your family, at work, in your community or perhaps more importantly people not like you or that you do not even like.

As a matter of fact, with a little more work on you might find that you have no reason to not like someone in the first place.  But that is a different blog post.

Hating People is like burning down your own house to get rid of a rat

When you lack the ability to deal with difficult people or resolve conflict, you could end up having resentment or even hatred toward other people.  Hopefully, you realize that going forward in life carrying this baggage is not good for your health.  Not to mention that harboring hate could manifest into carrying out destructive behavior if the opportunity presents it’s self.

Then you are talking about your drama going to another level.




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