A kid from Macedonia where the average income is less than $5,000 per year was able to earn $60,000 in 6 months publishing fake news.  Not only that, so many people in the town started doing the same thing that the economy of the town changed because of the influx of earnings from publishing fake content, most recently related to the US election.

There are lessons that we can learn from this story that can help us make money as well but also live a happier less stressful life.



Lessons For Living a Happier Life

  • Don’t be so quick to believe the headlines (or gossip, hearsay, chatter at school, work, community level.  Among countries)
  • Don’t be so quick to judge  (forming concrete general opinions about other.  Examples….Police, other races, opposing political parties, genders, etc.  You really have no idea unless you take more time exploring)
  • Be more open minded  ( You will learn so much about people and life)
  • Pay attention  (You will not be so gullible, be less stressed, have more faith in the future and live a happier life)

How fake news spread so successful is really symbolic of how many of us do life by default.  People at work believe the rumors they hear.  Groups of people in the neighborhood believe what one person says about what the others think.  Hearsay can break up families and even relationships.

The success of fake news makes it obvious that what we see is not always the truth. A person picks up info out of context and repeat it to either intentionally influence the listener or simply to gain from it.

This is the case not only in stories that are published in news stories but also in things that are said at school, work, in the communities about neighbors and about the people in other countries.  We must remember that our judgments by default are from our perspective based on our experiences and if we don’t have personal experiences then our opinions are influenced by what we see/read.

Lessons For Making More Money

  • Pay attention to what is happening
  • Learn what you need to based on what you see happening
  • Take action quickly so that you

For making money we can see how those youths in Macedonia (Not restricted to Macedonia…) saw a trend, (They paid attention) they learned how to use social media, advertising, blogging to create revenue.   There was nothing complex about this.  It wasn’t designing the platform for Facebook or building another Tesla.  It’s something that either of us could have done.  He is making more in 2 weeks than the average person in his country is making in a year.

Then other teens in that Macedonia paid attention to what was working and some went to worked for prospering teen and others started their own news sites. It’s my understanding that more than 100 other people there mostly youth also started doing what was working because they saw the results that others were getting.  They took action but they didn’t reinvent the wheel.  They modeled what worked.

Too many of us will miss what could be an opportunity for us.  It won’t even register.  Others of us will see it and make up an excuse for why we won’t take action.  I think we can all learn from the earnings of the youth in Macedonia.  I know I have discounted many, many skills and ideas only to watch others get paid for what I also could have been doing.

I’ve seen others doing something that worked and assumed that it wouldn’t work for me or tried to do it my way.



We all have missed out on many opportunities in life due to not recognizing them or not believing them.  We also have been gullible at times and bought into the hype or lies of others.  So we have to be more aware of how we perceive things.  Be more diligent in exposing ourselves to a wider variety of information from different sources in generally.

People can be well meaning and deliver information that changes or is not right for everyone.  I have talked about many things that were based on studies then found out that there were some compelling stories that provide another angle.  So even with people you trust, don’t just take their word for all things.  If it interests you look into it further before acting, then go back to the source of the information and support their efforts for informing you if you want to.

Just remember not to believe all of what you see or hear and don’t disbelieve all of what you see or hear until you look into the information that makes a difference to you.

That will help to better judge what we see published in ads and broadcasted.  But it will also help us to better position ourselves to take advantage of opportunities or create opportunities.


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