The answer is yes.  I will explain.
I was watching YouTube videos the other day when I came across one which talked about getting ahead at your job. The person stated that who you know was more important than you doing your job well.
It’s true that networking is important. You see the cover photo here points out my view and attitude about the importance of networking. I have a Life Coaching Presentation DVD and Networking is one of the slides that I elaborate on. However, don’t get it twisted…. (Don’t get it confused…)
networking alone won’t carry you.
Any smart and seasoned person would not simply ‘look out’ for you because they know you.
If I am hiring you based only on you being related to me or me liking who you are as a person but you have poor work ethic and negative attitude that means more work for me or my other employees. That means more work for the people around you for the same pay. That also produces a poor work environment and takes value away from business. It’s stupid and counterproductive.
So whether I own the business or I am simply the boss, I would be a fool to hire you if you don’t care about anything but you and a paycheck.
However, notice, I said if I am smart I would consider that.
It is true that people hold management positions, who don’t consider those things. It is also true that people could hold positions with the authority to hire who don’t actually consider or care about how who they hire impacts the business. Simply put, they could have poor work ethic themselves. (That the fault of their boss)
My message to you is, as a rule of thumb, for your networking to pay off long term, you DO need to have a certain attitude about life and the future. You do need to have pride in what you do. You do need to care about your job performance. Your work ethic matters.
If you are working somewhere and you are doing your job in every way like you are getting paid $20 per hour but you are only getting $10 you have a basis to ask for a raise.
You can go into a meeting armed with a list of reasons why you deserve to be paid more. And if it is true, it is very possible that you will get it. I’ve done it twice and it worked.
If you are working somewhere and you’re doing a $10 per hour job and you are making $10 per hour, what right do you have to ask for a raise? None.
Your subconscious even knows this so you will also likely lack the confidence to ever ask for the raise and even worse, you will stay there and complain about not being treated fairly never evaluating your own attitude or work ethic claiming to be underpaid.
So like I always say, personal development is an important element for us all to indulge in. It gives us the right foundation from which to think. It won’t make us flawless but it will help us to be more well rounded in our thinking as we navigate life.
One of the most important things to getting ahead in life is our attitudes about life and having proper perspective on life’s experiences and expectations.
Networking is important but it doesn’t replace having a good work ethic. We must remember that all things affect all other things. It’s a law of life. You need good work ethic first. Obviously you need to know something about the job as well. However, a lot of the job will be learned at the job so you need to be willing and able to learn. (Again personal development…) Then networking will greatly benefit you because of what you bring to the table.
With the right attitude and work ethic people you meet will be happy to show you favor and introduce you to other good people as well. You might go viral!


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