With so much going on it is easy to focus on the negativity.  To help get through these times while keeping faith in the humanity of society, make sure to balance out the negativity by taking notice of the good things that goes on around you.  It’s easy to forget that it far out weighs the injustices and failures.

Share and point out good news and positive stories with others. That they may also retain a high level of faith in humanity.

I few weeks ago, I started thinking, “How can I become a better member of society?”

For those who want to play an active role in producing peace and harmony in their communities here are some ideas  I came up with.  You can play with them yourself, if you want.  It really is fun to go out into the real world and practice.  This is for people who are interested making this time of turmoil a point in which you rise to become a better version of yourself.  (Actually, it’s the type of stuff that I always write about, so I am kind of cheating)

  1. Make an effort to meet people from different backgrounds.
  1. Realize that your preconceived notions about people, groups, etc are not necessarily true. (You will prove that to yourself when you meet people from other backgrounds, that is the purpose)
  1. Be mindful of your thoughts towards others and where they might come from (Media, News, Entertainment, negative friends, etc)
  1. Understand that you are influenced at a subconscious level from what you hear most commonly about other people that you personally know little about. That will inform your conscious thoughts about them or even actions toward them. The less aware you are of this, the less you realize it and the more reckless you can be without even knowing it.  (That’s why you need to be mindful of who you are around, what you listen and what you watch.  Intentionally get to know people not like you.)
  1. Consider not making negative statements to intentionally make other entire groups of people look bad. Especially when those statements are in front of impressionable minds like your kids or youth or people who are quick attach themselves to with ill intent to express ignorance or act out in anger. (This will only create disharmony. You put negative energy out there, you are potentially hurting those you claim to be trying to protect.)  Plus it only makes you look bad to the people that you would probably LIKE to get along with. (Karma)
  1. Be mindful of how YOU treat other people. How is your attitude toward those who are not like you?  (If you don’t do this, you can cause people you deal with to have a legitimate reason to have a negative feelings toward you.)  Too often you think someone dislikes you.  That causes you to act a certain way.  Then that causes the other person to act a certain way.  Then you think you were right about the other person but what is really occurring is a self fulfilling prophecy.  Or we could say cause and effect.  Maybe it’s your thoughts and behavior that started it all.  Not what was in that other person’s heart.  (Just saying, it’s possible.)
  1. Be careful about your assumptions about others not like you. Especially if you have little experience with that group. It is likely your opinions are not accurate. Your opinions may be accurate about a specific person who caused you to feel the way that you feel only! And even that might be wrong! When face to face with someone and you are hateful, frighten or mean spirited because of what you assume about that person, it will likely result in you finding the behavior that you expected, not the true nature of that person. In other words your energy attracted the results in line with your thoughts.  (This is kind of the same as the previous one worded slightly different)
  1. Remember that we are all having a human experience. We all will make mistakes, bad decisions and poor choices. For that reason, there will be imperfection in many ways. That is going to have consequences. Dealing with life when everything is going smoothly is not the challenge. That is when we should be proactive in avoiding conflict.  Planning, strategizing.  Being proactive is not something that most of us are good at.

Too often we deal with things in when they reach a state of crisis.  Critical and urgent.  Obviously that is difficult to manage but it is also when there is an opportunity for the most dramatic change.  That change can be positive.  But in order the what happens during this time, all parties must remain level headed and focused on producing win-win results toward a desired big picture goal.

It’s the opportunity to grow stronger or fall apart.
Summary: Hatred will bring about more hate. Love will bring about more love. Will love solve every problem? Of course not, but it will create a better environment for identifying and addressing the problems with real solutions.

Which I really believe is very closely related to simply not understanding what each other’s life is like in most cases generally and in various scenarios.  False perceptions and assumptions leads to poor choices easily.  Hate, I believe is the minority of cases of bad behavior and injustices.  I believe misunderstanding is the majority contributing factor to most problems between 2 people or groups of people.  I know for a fact that has been the case in relationships between couples that I have talked to.  I digress….)

Since this (addressing the challenge) will be a process and not a like a switch that is turned on and off, the quality of the environment will have a lot to do with sorting out root causes of societal problems that need to be addressed.

I know that there will be people who will argue that peaceful and loving responses will not produce results. (Hopefully not people who are here! 🙂

But if you are….I would say to you… follow each path of how to deal with this societal issues to its logical conclusion.  Which environment would you rather live in?

Divide society or Harmonious one.  That will really determine what you think best course of action is.  Let that guide you on how to move forward in the name of resolution.    I feel one of the quickest, easiest and perhaps the most effect things that I could do as a person is becoming what I would want others to be.

Of course I will add other things in along the way but self reflection is a powerful gateway to change.

(Yes I realize that it’s an idealistic position and everyone won’t do it.  However, I have faith in humanity.  Again, maybe that is because of how I plan to deal with things so it creates the lens through which I see the future.  I can envision that.  Don’t seem like I am going to stop writing, lol.  One last point now, since I said what I just said.  Don’t forget….. We are creators!) Soooo

Also don’t forget, a stiff Oak easily topples in strong wind.  A bending pine though can better weather the storm and remain rooted.  I don’t know the actual quote but you get the idea.  Bruce Lee and The Doa De Jing or Taoe Te Ching (don’t know which spelling is correct.) speaks of being fluid like water.  And if you evaluate any intense moment with others, you will realize that being rigid will usually not lead to optimum results.


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