We know intellectually that health is important.  However, most people don’t define what good health means to them personally or research what qualifies as good health by professionals.  So your idea of good health might be different than what good health actually is.

I felt 100 percent fine but at only 50lbs overweight, one day I had chest pains so bad that I had to be rushed to the hospital!  It’s indisputable that being excessively overweight, especially if the waist to hip ratio is bad that it taxes your body.

One issue that I had was focusing on right now or today with no thoughts of the future.  You are here so you are probably a lot brighter than I was then, lol.  Still for you good health may just be a general idea, half-heartedly pursued with a lack of direction using outdated or false information.

Good news.  It is easy to instead, be intentional and develop a well thought out plan to improve and stay in as good of health as possible so that you age gracefully.  Here you will learn of the some latest discoveries, resources and tools to research and use to help you on your mental and physical health journey.

Some of the most exciting news is that most of the diseases and illnesses that people tend to encounter are avoidable, reversible or can be improved naturally and without expensive medication.  Some of those conditions are….

  • Diabetes
  • High blood
  • Obesity
  • Heart Disease
  • Depression
  • Dental disease
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Thyroid disease
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Arthritis

Reversing Diabetes

The list goes on and on from there but those are some common health issues.  And if you develop habits that will prevent or recover from those illnesses you will likely also be doing what is needed to improve other conditions.

I personally reversed my high blood, pre-diabetes, high cholesterol and acid reflex (GERD) by simply changing what I ate, getting minimum exercise and changing a few dumb habits.

I didn’t take action until I was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.  That scare and bill caused me to take my health more seriously.  It also gave me time to but thing into context.   I asked myself 2 very important questions.

Question 1.  “What sense does it make to work hard to make and save money, then waste it on hospital visits and medication?”

Question 2.  “Do I want to find myself later in life, sick and maybe broke, looking back saying I did this to health with poor choices and bad habits?”

The answer to those questions helped me to do a lot better in designing the future of my health and I hope that they put you on a better path as well.  Your actions today will produce the quality of your future.  If you are on the 31 day challenge.  I know you are ready for change.  Let’s start here.

Design The Future of Your Health

First think about what health you want to be 10, 20 or 30 years from now.   Write it down.  Now based on what you have described.

Make a 5 year goal in line with those desires.

Write down what you want your health to be like in 5 years.

What goals should you have reached?


Write down 1 year goals in line with your 5 year goals.

Chose the most important of the 1 year goals.

Write a list of actions that you will take daily in order to reach your 1 year goal.


Also write down what 1 habit you are willing to drop to improve your health.

Write down what 1 good habit you will replace that bad habit with.


Some Tools, Ideas and Resources That Might Help You

Some of these resources compensate Life Design Academy for sharing it.  It is how I will grow the website to reach it’s full potential.  No link will be placed on this website unless it is believed to be a effective and beneficial to you.  Think about it, I want you to love what you discover here.  Have it positively improve your life then have you share it with others.

The Keys To Reversing Diabetes

The Keys To Losing Fat

The 3 Week Diet for Good Health

Establish an Accountability Partner



I have seen a lot of people who are rather large and out of shape claim they are healthy and therefor shouldn’t do anything different.  It’s indisputable that excessive weight seriously compromises how well the body is operating whether a person notices it at the time or not.  You don’t have to conform to the BMI it’s a little off.

However, if your Doctor suggests that you need to lose weight for better health, please take it serious.  Don’t take serious the need for medicine to get it done.  Your habits can fix it unless you have a medical issue causing the weight gain.