Getting Ahead in Life Should Be Easy

I Was Reminded How Easy it is To Get Ahead

Went to pull the door at Family Dollar and almost jerked my wrist out of the socket.  I just shook my head.  You all have experienced this I am sure.  But I don’t really remember when there were doors designated as 1 in and 1 out and the IN door is locked!  wow.  Bad enough for any door to be locked by the In door was locked. lol.  I almost turned around and left.  There wasn’t even a sign to say use the other door.  Just laziess on top of laziness if you ask me.


That being said, when you look around, you see many other examples of lazy employees half doing their jobs.  That means a lot of opportunity to shine at work.

  • Easier to get a raise
  • Easier to get promoted
  • Easier to get a better job (because those clowns will get fired)

See this is what people tend to do....."I ain't going to work any harder, they are not going to pay me more money."  Well why would a company pay more prior to a person doing all that he/she is currently getting paid for?  Won't happen.  The better philosophy is to outshine the others there for a period of time, then ask for the raise.  Unless you work for clowns, you'll easily get that raise.  But that is a simple example.

Other Times You Benefit From Going Above and Beyond

Developing yourself into a better version of yourself just makes your like easier in many ways.  Because the way you treat people as a result just spills over into all areas of life such as...

  • Personal Relationships
  • Building a Business
  • As a Manager or Supervisor
  • Your Own State of Health
  • The Way You Spend and Manage Money

Granted, you may need additional skills in order to see the benefits in some areas because you need to know how to apply the new you with new information but that is all the point.  Not you but many people would assume that they don't need the additional skills or for that matter improve who they are as a person.

Now you are beginning to see.  If that is true, and I am sure you've meet those people, it proves how much easier people like you and I should have it to get ahead.  Those type of people do a lot of spending their wheels.  We recognize a need to learn as we live and make changes accordingly.


Be Grateful For What you Have

Something that we have to in the mean time is be mindful of what we already have going for us.  As they say count your blessing and be appreciative for the little things as well as the big things.  You know that challenges in life have the power to take you down or make you stronger and how you decide to go forward really starts in your own mind.

  • If you already feel defeated, you will really get there.
  • If you already know that you will keep pushing ahead no matter what, you will always move forward no matter what.

Each of the bullet points has a logical conclusion.  Which will you choose?  If you chose the later, that is definitely something to be grateful for.  Why?  Because many people haven't considered either.  They are just on autopilot.  So what life hands them is what they will take.

Being grateful for what you have doesn't mean being content.  It is just a sign of awareness.

What Else Do You Need to Get Ahead

Well of course a very important step in getting ahead is knowing where it is that you want to go.  What is getting ahead.  For that we shall send you here to goal setting