I Was Reminded How Easy it is To Get Ahead

Went to pull the door at Family Dollar and almost jerked my wrist out of the socket.  I just shook my head.  You all have experienced this I am sure.  But I don’t really remember when there were doors designated as 1 in and 1 out and the IN door is locked.  WOW!  Bad enough for any door to be locked but the In door was locked.  I almost turned around and left.

There wasn’t even a sign to say use the other door.  Just laziness if you ask me.  But that’s just an example of how people perform their jobs.



Think about the people you work with.  How many of them ride the clock ducking work?  How many of them are on the phone or online when they are supposed to be working?  How many don't care about the quality of their work?  How many do only enough to not be fired?

Think about that.  That makes it easy for you to shine.  All you have to do is have good work ethic, be on time, make useful suggestions for improving or at least have them for issues that you identify.  I must admit, if your management is also a slacker, he/she won't appreciate you making suggestions that require change.

I remember Jim Rohn saying, "You have to work above your current pay grade in order to expect to get higher pay."  His point was that most people want a raise first and then claim that they would work better."  If you think about that, it doesn't make sense.

Why would someone give you a raise if you are already not doing the job you are being paid for?

But that's employer talk.

You Become the Boss

You could take same approach to starting your own business based on your passions.  When you look at it, just like employees are often slacking business owners can also do a shabby job.  Not giving the quality of service or value they are charging.  So you could be creative with your own twist on a currently existing business and just do a better job.

You could also bring a new service or product to market.  Because lazy people are likely not to be as creative as you.

So find a problem or issue that people have related to your passion.  Provide the solution in your service or product.  Give great customer service with your wonderful attitude and if you are really trying to serve people, it's not hard to imagine things taking off.  Maybe not right away but with GRIT, you might be the next Facebook Story!



Just In Case You Doubt the Abundance of Slackers

When you look around, you see many other examples of lazy employees half doing their jobs.

  • How many police officers and highway vehicle workers have you seen not using their turn signals? (Drive on the roads every day as part of their jobs! )
  • How many trash trucks have you seen wasting paper out of the top?
  • How many Doctors eat a terrible diet and you can tell!
  • How many Priest are in trouble for molesting their kids?

I mean these are just some quick example that came to mind.  They are things that should never happen but it demonstrates how easy it is to see how you can take any profession and easily see how to do things better.  So what we are talking about is your attitude toward how you do things.

Other Times You Benefit From Going Above and Beyond

Developing yourself into a better version of yourself just makes your like easier in many ways.  Because the way you treat people as a result just spills over into all areas of life such as...

  • Personal Relationships - (Which means you will be much better than the last)
  • Building a Business - (It IS possible to take market share)
  • As a Manager or Supervisor - (Actually care about employees and you are manager of the year!)
  • Your Own State of Health - (You deserve to treat your own health better!)
  • The Way You Spend and Manage Money - (You are better prepared for future using the same attitude toward your finances)

Granted, you may need additional skills in order to see the benefits in some areas because you need to know how to apply the new you with new information but that is the point.  Not you but many people would assume that they don't need the additional skills or for that matter improve who they are as a person.

Now you are beginning to see.  If that is true, and I am sure you've meet those people, it proves how much easier people like you and I should have it to get ahead.  Those type of people do a lot of spending their wheels.  We recognize a need to learn as we live and make changes accordingly.

Be Grateful For What you Have

Something that we have to in the mean time is be mindful of what we already have going for us.  As they say count your blessing and be appreciative for the little things as well as the big things.  You know that challenges in life have the power to take you down or make you stronger and how you decide to go forward really starts in your own mind.

  • If you already feel defeated, you will really get there. (defeated)
  • If you already know that you will keep pushing ahead no matter what, you will always move forward no matter what.
  • If you are grateful and appreciative of what you have, it is expressed in your personality.  If you are miserable it is also expressed.  Which one do you think will interact better with other people on all levels?

Each of the bullet points has a logical conclusion.

Being grateful for what you have doesn't mean being content.  It's just being mindful and aware of what is.

What Else Do You Need to Get Ahead

Well of course a very important step in getting ahead is knowing where it is that you want to go.  What is getting ahead.  For that we shall send you here to goal setting


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