Why Use The Internet To Make Money

Most of the people that hang around on the internet are not using it to benefit them in any way. They are surfing, snooping, and pleasuring themselves with entertainment. Most of my peers have no idea about how to use the internet to make money. Perhaps you are in the same situation.

I know many people can’t reach the financial situation that they desire for one reason or another.  There can be many obstacles.  Good news is that there are many solutions.  If you are currently not working you might actually be able to make a living online. Many are. It is an amazing time we live in right now. 

Making money using the internet could be beneficial if you…


  • Just want to earn extra income
  • Have a job that doesn’t pay enough money
  • Have a criminal record and can’t get a job
  • Are a single mom and need to be at home
  • You don’t have the educational background for higher pay
  • You don’t like having a boss tell you what to do
  • You want a better lifestyle
  • You want to create residual income

Work Online

Ways that You Can Make Money

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The 3 Most Challenging Elements of Making Money Online

  • Choosing a Method
  • Developing Trust
  • Getting Started

The good think about being here is that the trust and getting started will be easy. I have used what I will share with you and show you where to start depending on which option you choose.

I like to tell people that they should have a website. I is your home, real estate online. However, you don’t have to have a website. You can start making money without 1, which I will come to later. The main question people ask me is what will the website be about. There are many approaches to that. I will tell you what I have done. I drove trucks for more than 10 years. I won awards, bought trucks, retired early. Bottom line, I learned a lot including what problems people faced and how to overcome them to make trucking a successful career. It’s starts with making sure people are compatible for the trucking lifestyle and then knowing how to go forward with a plan. I decided to build a website to help people with that process. You can find it by searching life as a trucker in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, Badu, and most other search engines. I make you search it to prove that it is optimized to be found for the keywords I targeted.

That website which costs me no money to promote brings in about $1,000 per month. Costs me about $300 per year. I could make more off of that site if I wanted to. For instance, if I was working on it right now instead of here typing. But it’s real estate. Each year, it rises in value. Now of course I am working on this website to share information about designing your life. As I make this grow this site and provide valuable information for you, so you return, it will also begin to make money and grow in value.

So bottom line is that is a solid way but it’s not fast. But you can do what I did. That is take something that you know a lot about, and create a website about it. It’s better to choose something that you are interested in or passionate about or willing to do a lot of research about. If you can’t provide quality content, it’s a waste of time.

The hold up with building the website is people don’t know where to start. Lucky for you, that’s easy. I will give you my source of exactly where I started. You can click here for SBI. It’s webhosting, domain registration, video training. Everything in one place.

With the website you learn countless ways to ‘monetize’ or make money online.

Affiliate Marketing is simply promoting someone else’s product, service, website, course, ebook, etc. The best place to learn all you need to learn about affiliate marketing is Affilaroma. I have an account there and I am also an affiliate. And there is the real trick to being an affiliate marketer. To promote a product you want to first use it. That way you simply share what you know first hand. You are confident in what you say, and if you are really trying to push it, you go in depth about what you are promoting. I could record a video behind the scenes of the affiliroma demonstrating why you could benefit from them. You would then trust what I say about it do to my insight and details. I would get a commission if you decide to buy one of the tools they offer to help you market. But I am not trying to sell you like that. You can check it out yourself here. I will tell you it is an excellent resource for learning how to do affiliate marketing well.

Clickbank.com is also a place where you can learn about afilliate marketing. They have 1,000’s of products that you could promote. So if you have a hobby or interest that you would want to do research in, finding a product related to that would be ideal. Clickbank.com is a well known and trusted place that people go to for finding products to promote.

There are other ways like writing an eBook, doing surveys, doing contract work, etc. If you check back here, I will talk about those. I am have written several books and I will let you know how that is going.

But my solution to the 3 challenges of choosing a method, using a trustworthy platform and a guided system is either using SBI or Affilaroma or PaidSocialMediaJobs.com

More to come about money but you have plenty to work with here. Leave a comment on what you want to know more about with making money online.


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