What happens when you hate others?

  • You have feelings of aggression toward those you hate
  • You have less self awareness
  • You experience less laughter

Seems like you will make yourself a miserable person just by hating others!  When will you enjoy life?  People who hate others are hating who they are inside.  Whether you are the hater or the hated some insight can help move forward and deal with hate better and proactively.

Hating People is like burning down your own house to get rid of a rat

Know Your Brain. Meet the Hate Circuit!

When you actively hate someone, scientist have discovered what parts of the brain are affected.  The study labels those areas the “Hate Circuit”.  (That is what you can google to get more information on the study)  The part with hyper activity is also associated with getting prepared for physical attack toward the object of the hate.  Another part of the brain that is activated is associated with self-awareness.  That part of the brain is suppressed.  Remember it doesn’t matter who started what first.



This seems to me that you might not be able to recognize how your feelings toward someone might be irrational.  It might have started with someone else feeding you information about that person/group or their ancestors.  It might be due to what you think/assume is going to happen to you or your people in the future due to some ‘cause’ of those you hate.  Either way, there is an awful lot of room for misplaced feelings.  There is also a lot of motivation for doing something that you will regret!


Often those things we worry about or assume will happen never will.  However, since we can’t see the bigger picture of our own thoughts to check the logic for flaws, we can form an opinion and justify our worries and actions with faulty logic and shallow opinions.  We can see everything that happens through a filter that creates the illusion of guilt and never question it.  What we believe and expect to see we can often find it.  Due in large part to us creating that reality with our actions based on anticipation.  People who hate you could be in this mind state or if you hate, this could describe YOU!


These things being the case, you have to really check how you respond to hate of others to make sure your response is not counterproductive or destructive.  It’s easy to ruin your own life by responding to hate, harboring hate or hating who you are inside.

Shine Anyway
People are Going to Dislike Who You Are at Some Point – Shine On Them Anyway!

Work Through Your Hate Towards Others

Self-examine your thoughts and feelings toward people not like you.  Ask yourself these questions about your feelings….

  • Are you really judging them fairly?  (Is it based on them or someone else’s opinion of them? Or someone’s actions who looks like them?)
  • Have you listened to them and tried to understand where they are coming from?
  • Have you taken what has been stated and altered it to what you ‘think’ it means in your mind?
  • Have you formed an unfair opinion of who they are based on your belief system instead of acts?
  • Have you stuck him/her/them in with a larger group of people?
  • Are you assigning traits or characteristics seen in a sub segment of a group to all members of the group?
  • Are the people you hating really out to get you or is it in your mind?  Is he or she against you or have you come to that conclusion due to information that was fed to you?
  • Are you letting something from the past poison your thoughts and heart today?

Also, are you hating people that you feel are supposed to think like you because they don’t?  That is no more justified than hating those who you think are completely different than you.

Have Peace in Your Heart
Peace – Love & Justice Matters!

If You Don’t Control Your Hate For Others…

You will be the one suffering from living with emotions of hatred in your heart.  Those people won’t be affected by that hatred inside of you unless you express it externally.  When you express it externally, likely it means negatively affecting your life and possibly ruining it.

If you teach your children to hate others, they too will waste their life away focusing on negativity instead of positioning themselves for creating the future that they desire for themselves.  If you do a good job of teaching them to hate, he/she/they might completely ruin their lives by trying to ruin the life of those he/she/they hate.

Be sure that you are not harnessing the same feeling toward other people that you despise.  We need to resort to trying to understand people by having civil discourse about the issues and various viewpoints or perspectives.  Even if it ends in disagreement, it doesn’t have to end in hate for hate.

When you really think about it, it makes absolutely no sense to hate.  It creates an unpleasant environment for everyone who lives in it, including you.

A Better Way of Spending Your Time and Energy

Focus on how to get ahead in life for you and your family and while doing it….

  • Uplift and enlighten those around you.
  • Be an encouraging person
  • Be kind to others for no reason
  • Spread joy and positive news
  • Send a positive tweet or make a positive Facebook Post from time to time
  • Show appreciation for those who you see doing good deeds

Your positive energy and contributions to the communities around you will help to stamp out those who love living with a frown on their face and in their hearts.

Find the Good
Find the Good in the World

Jim Rohn once said, “Don’t major in minor things.”  Make sure you don’t waste too much time messing around with things that doesn’t matter.



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