You’ve heard the saying before…”It’s not what happens, it’s how you respond to what happens.”

You can choose how you internalize circumstances you go through, what people say about you, and what people do to you.

However, it’s something to think about now, not when you are in the middle of the drama or challenges. Sometimes people mean no harm yet you are offended!

How often do people take things personal when they shouldn’t?
How often do people get angry and really, they shouldn’t?
I mean you could justify depending on how you interpret the situation but how does it benefit you?

I’ve seen people actually get upset because a waitress brings out the food prepared wrong as if it was personal. That’s ridiculous.
I’ve seen a spouse get upset for taking neutral statements in a negative way. That’s unfortunate.

So for 2017, maybe this is an area that you want to work on.

I did a lot of work in this area and I promise you, it is very beneficial.

Happiness is a By-Product


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