The American Dream Speech that Martin Luther King gave in 1961 talked about equality not just in America but all over the world.  He talked about how we treat each other affects each other and the implication was that this affect was not just in one on one interaction and not just person to person but nation to nation.



The purpose of posting this speech is not for you to dwell on the parts that you can use as a crutch or excuse for not doing something with your life.  It is so that you can use it to motivate and inform you for doing more with your life.  It is for learning and personal growth.  I didn’t post it to dwell on the past but to apply lessons from it for moving forward into the future.  In my opinion, this is Kings best speech.

Take the quote, “I can not be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be and you can’t be what you ought to be unless I am what I ought to be.”

That’s powerful and insightful and it is related to another famous saying…. “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”

These statements if lived would create a world of peace and harmony starting with our own personal relationships right in the home between  siblings and couples.  It can be applied in social media, in the community and in international affairs.

Of course the complexity is that it takes all parties involved to be on the same page in order for the ideal situation to come about where everyone is treating each other how they would like to be treated.

We can continue to work toward those ideals while we make sure to be more mindful of our own personality, attitude and behavior toward one another.  We all have room to improve who we are, how we view our fellow human beings and our expectations for our future.  We have a tendency to take our judgments and assumptions about each other too seriously.  When we act upon that is when we begin to mistreat each other and develop prejudices.

Treat Each Other Well
Basically it means be the change you want to see

We take what little we know and allow that to define who people are in our minds. We allow the news media to tell us who people are and what their culture is about.  We spend too little time paying attention to what others not like ourselves from outside our circle are going through from their voices.  We have to meet people not like us and communicate with them with love in our heart and curiosity.

We place a higher value on entertainment and games getting to know our neighbors.  We know this is true because we can look at the problems that exists in communities and we can see what types of stories that leads the news.  Entertainment and drama.

I don’t ask you to save the world.  I simply ask you to remember that you are blessed and that others are in need.  Be grateful for what you have and when you are in the position to share with someone in need do so.

I ask you to remember that people are spiritual beings having a human experience and so are you.  I am asking you to aspire to reach your full potential in every way including financial freedom, so that you can take who you have become during that journey and give back to your blood family and human family to the extent and in ways that you feel are sufficient.

I ask you to be mindful not to complain too much.  Look at your life and find the things to be thankful for. Especially here in America, we have resources at our fingertips and opportunities to change the direction of our lives.  We also have the ability and capacity to change the lives of others in creative ways.


Don’t allow yourself to live in the past.  Don’t believe that you are oppressed to the degree that you can’t reach your goals in life.

Decide what The American Dream is to you and make goals for achieving those things.  Then research the ways to reach those goals.  You can make the American Dream your reality and then share it with the world.








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