Achieving Better Health in 2017

People commonly talk about how you will fail at sticking to your New Years resolutions.  That doesn’t have to be your reality.  It is fairly simple to achieve your goals of better health.  You just need some sort of system to help you plan things out.  Do these 3 steps to help you.

  • Define what better health is
  • Be honest with yourself about your current habits
  • Establish an accountability partner to help

Define what better health is to you

What does success look like?  You need to determine what the goals are that you want to reach.  Is it losing weight or dropping in size?  Is it feeling better, less tired, more energy, etc.  This is important so that you can specific information to help you reach those goals.  That way you actually have a road map to help you move forward in the right direction.

Be honest with yourself

What are your daily habits and rituals?  Are you doing things that are moving you forward toward your health goals?  Or are you like us normal folks who have a large number of habits that need to be altered?  So if you want traction to move forward you have to be different that normal folks.  A little discipline and focus with honesty can go a loooooong way to help you achieve your goals.

Establish daily habits and rituals that are in line with your goals.


Get an accountability partner

Let someone that is supportive and in your corner know what you are trying to accomplish.  Ask them to contact you every Sunday or whatever interval you deem necessary to check up on you.  Give them the specific questions to ask you which will serve to either make you confess to a relapse to your old ways or proudly confirm that you are still on track.

Relax, don’t be uptight about this.  It is design to help you not embarrass you.  Most people get great results from this.  If you blow it, just start over again.  That is why the person you chose should be supportive and not a negative nanny.

Don’t have anyone?  Search for a group in your area at or on Facebook.  Groups of people with similar interests will surely have someone that you can connect with and you can be each others accountability partner.


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