Design The Future That You Desire 

This short video might change your life forever, if you take it seriously.  You might think it's too good to be true or too simple to work.  I will explain that after the video.

They Don't Teach Us This

You might be thinking, "If we could actually do that, everyone would be happy and living the life of their dreams."

Well, truth is, many never dream or don't take it seriously.  Those who dream don't dream in detail about the future it's just a general thought of wanting wealth and most don't believe it's even possible for them.  "Well what does that mean?"

It means there is never really an effort to go for it!  Because what is "IT?"  "IT" is not a target!  So must of us end up spending decades of life doing the same routine expecting the future to be better.  We don't learn the right information to improve our lives in a holistic manner. 

Meaning we are not taught that money, relationships, health, thinking habits, creativity, happiness, parenting, stress levels, and all other aspects of life are connected and how to navigate them better.   So we stay in a cycle of frustration and stress eating, drinking and medicating in our spare time waiting for things to get better.

Personal Development and Life Skill training at an early age which should be included in school curriculum could be a huge benefit to society.  That's the missing link.

So the video gives you a nudge in the right direction.  Please do this for yourself and family.

Actually think about what you want specifically out of life and make long and short term goals for it so that there are actually targets to aim for and hit. 

(Write them down.  That makes a more solid connection with your subconscious mind to help you take it seriously!)


With those specific goals in mind,write down 3 habits that you will eliminate because you feel that will work against you.  Write down 3 habits that you will make a staple in your life because they help you.

Write down 3 activities that you will do daily to help you toward your most important goal for 1 year for now.

Now each day, you know, without a doubt that you are moving daily forward toward the life that you desire.

Meanwhile along the way, you learn more information to keep up the pace and as goes on your progress continues.

You gain new information, techniques, insight, thought patterns, life hacks, etc.

You see and create more opportunities...

You are developing the correct mindset for growth.....

You are networking with people along the way....

You have a road map to help you stay on track toward your specific goals and it's easy to see when you begin to drift.  Because of your evolving improved mental and thought capabilities you are able to quickly course correct and get back on track and more easily stay on track toward the future that you desire.

Can you now see why this is not only true but possible for you?

The video seems too simple and too good to be true because it is only a minute long and the gap from where you are to the situation you want creates cognitive dissonance.  That feeling which is creating doubt at this point.  That's a normal first thought.

The reality is there is a lot of details missing between each step.  But if you do the steps by default you will have to work out some of those details in the process.  Now you can see how it works and you doubts are less significant.  Just that quickly you're experiencing a shift in your belief system.

It's important to recognize that.  If I can do that for you in minutes from reading this, what do you think the course do? That shifting of the mind will happen over and over again as you learn while going through subject matter.  I give you concepts, principles, lessons I've learned and action steps help you design your life.

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